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"Jet's treatments are incredible.  His method of treatment has helped me a great deal.  Although, I have had many acupuncture treatments with other practitioners over the years, however, I was very impressed with his dedication and personal perseverance in treating me. Jet is very meticulous and his dedication indicates to me that he could also be a very spiritual individual.   Thank you, so much, your services are very highly appreciated."  

-Lada Baines, Victoria, BC

        Jet Li has helped me tremendously! I had an arthritic knee with quite severe inflammation. After             3 sessions of acupuncture my knee is like new. No pain, no more inflammation. Xrays still show              degeneration of the bone, however, I do not feel any arthritic symptoms.

        Jet Li is very attentive, explains everything in detail and has been a great asset as part of my health          care team.

        Also, I have attended 2 full sessions of his Tai Chi Gong classes that are amazing and very helpful.          The tools I learned have helped me cope with stress issues and life health in general.

        -Lauren Joy, Duncan BC

"A few amazing acupuncture treatments from Jet Li have helped my chronic lower back pain become much better."                   

-Jade Houston, Victoria, BC

"Jet Li is awesome when it comes to acupuncture. I was amazed from the first treatment I had with him. My pain had subsided significantly. Totally professional. Very pleased that he is registered with Veteran's Affairs. I will continue to use Jet's services as a viable treatment in managing my pain."

-Cheryl Johnson, Duncan, BC

"I suffered from very intense lower back pain. After a few weeks of receiving acupuncture treatments with Jet, the result was pain was released and I was able to resume my regular activities after a short period of time. I highly recommend Jet to anyone!"

-Lise Bernard, Victoria, BC

"The benefits of your acupuncture were swift. My physical issues have eased and my slugghish liver seems to have taken on new life. Thank you. Jet!"           

-Gillian R, Victoria, BC

"The acupuncture treatment I have received from Jet Li has decreased my healing time for a sprain from an impact injury. I have received impact injuries many times in the past and have never healed this quickly and regained flexibility. I am very happy to be restored to my balanced state."-- J. Koch, Martial Artist , South Cowichan

"I have been enjoying Jet Li’s Tai Chi Gong class for several weeks and the chronic pain that has       bothered me for years has completely disappeared from my left shoulder; I strongly recommend   his classes".

 - Doris Sanders, Victoria, BC

"...enjoyed your Tai Chi class yesterday. It was so beautiful, intensely sensitive and it brought the aspect of deep reflection to the practice that I have longed for".       

-K.T., Vitctoria, BC

"From the moment I observed the grace and strength Jet exhibited in  his Tai Chi practice, I knew I wanted to study with him. I am now in my fourth year being guided by his example and patience  
in explaining the significance of forms, and am increasingly achieving clarity and suppleness in thought, movement and balance. Studying with Jet continues to be a holistically illuminating and  
life-altering experience."
-Linda Patterson, Shawnigan Lake, BC

Four years ago I started classes with Jet. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and Tai Chi was recommended. Not only is it a good exercise but it also improves ones balance and memory as well. He is an accomplished Tai Chi instructor and teaches with great patience, artistry and care. I look forward to my weekly session with Jet.

-Sheila John, Errington, BC

I appreciate the way you teach and your explanations 
of what benefit can be derived from each action/movement.  There is so 
much to learn and  I need more sessions to imprint the information into 
my memory and my body. I look forward  to attending another class in the 
new year. 

-Pamela Westhaver, Chemainus, BC

Taking Tai Chi was recommended to me by my orthopaedic surgeon in regards to osteoporosis, to ensure good balance and avoid falls. I can see how useful your class is for that reason, and also for flexibility and concentration. 

-Pam Skelton, Victoria, BC

Jet cares about people and the planet and puts his caring into action through his awesome work with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi, Yoga and just being a friend.

-Janet Cundall, Shawnigan Lake, BC

"Jet is one of my instructors at Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology and he is an excellent instructor. He is so knowledgable, kind and generous. I deeply appreciate everything I've learned from him."

-Karin Beviere, Salt Spring Island, BC

I really appreciate all the information Jet shared with us in class. There are definitely three things that I have already implemented in stressful situations. Such great tools! !

After several classes I can get out of my head and into my body. Thank you.

Such a beautiful class. I would like to make this my daily practice. 

I learn excellent knowledge in this course about my body and how stress affect different areas. I want to learn more!

-anonymous participants from Tai Chi Gong class

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