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Eco-friendly, one significant step towards Yoga

It takes tremendous will power and consciousness to become environmentally friendly. This means first we have to see the fact that modern human activities contribute to tremendous waste of the earth resource, create pollution in air, ocean, land and our own mind, thus lead to suffering of all species in the world including ourselves. In fact, this is the age of "fire" (as an element). Modern technology is electricity (fire) based. Too much information is also fire as it overly stimulates our sensory organs, therefore causing many mental and emotional issues (it is the nature of fire to go upward, so it can disturb our mind/spirit). Global warming is surely a sign of fire.

Secondly, we need to be very determined that we want to make a change in the world, however little it might be. Determination is the key to any kind of success, which is equally important as our conscious action (Bhakti yoga and Karma yoga). We can't always change the outside circumstances, but at least we should be able to change ourselves the way we want ourselves to be (out of freedom not compulsion). The Taoist believes that the human body is a small cosmo; the Buddha said that a small mustard seed (atom) contains the Sumeru mountain (the universe); and sayings such as like father like son, as above so below; all these are pointing out our deepest connection to the Universe/God/Tao/Great Spirit, etc. If at least we can intellectually understand the connection between us and everything else, then mindful loving actions will be a lot more natural.

With the understanding and determination, comes mindful loving actions. This is a world of Chaos, which makes the Sadhana (spiritual practice) more challenging yet more meaningful. The Buddhists believe that from the filthy mud comes the beautiful lotus flower. They view the opposite of Mara is Buddha. We don't have to kill the Mara to manifest the Buddha nature, we just need to change our mentality. Spiritual practice doesn't always mean reading religious scriptures, believing in a far-fetched God, sitting to meditate. In fact, any thing that we do with mindfulness, with good intention to benefit all beings is a high level of Sadhana (Bhakti and Karma yoga). The more loving and caring we are, the more awake we become and vice versa. That is why wisdom (truth through conscious perception) and compassion always come hand in hand.

Yoga means union, which means dissolution of oneself and merging with the whole world/universe. If one achieves yoga, the world will be better naturally as we are part of each other. As a conscious living human being, we will only do good things to ourselves in a sensible way. If one achieves yoga and our body system becomes more perceptive, one will naturally stay away from industrialized meat, which contain tremendous memory (information/Alaya) of agony, depression and anger, not to mention the genetic engineer and hormon or antibiotic injections in the meat. No wonder more and more people are suffering from depression and cancer.

Take a look at a mild animal cruelty video, hopefully you would decide to go organic at the least.

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