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How often do I need acupuncture treatment?

The frequency of treatment depends on the nature and severity of a condition. Usually once or twice a week for a total of five as one course of treatment. After the initial 5 treatments, we will reevaluate and may continue with the same frequency for the next course or reduce the frequency by half. The goal is to cure a condition. The body has a intelligence to memorize, either health or sickness. Any healing modality is to break those memorizes (or patterns) and introduce a healthy and good pattern to the body. Therefore, we should never go cold turkey stopping treatments all at once but allow some time for the body to memorize the state of healing and health. Remember, there are no completely healthy people. As long as we have a physical body, it is subjected to aging, sickening and dying. What we can do is to slow down the process, and to foresee sickness before it happens. This requires us to be more conscious with our mental, energetic and physical state, to recognize our patterns of mental and physical behaviors so that we can know ahead of time what will happen to us. If this is done well. The sick state can be bypassed and one can expect to die naturally, smoothly and even consciously. This would be another subject matter to discuss in another topic.

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